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Premium Raw Kangni Seeds-1 Kg Pack

Mana Velugu - Vintage Farmers

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Introducing our premium raw Kangni seeds, also known as Foxtail Millet seeds or Korra Vithanalu. This 1 kg pack of natural goodness is the perfect choice for cultivation, offering you the opportunity to grow your own nutritious and sustainable food.

Kangni seeds, commonly known as Foxtail Millets, have been cherished for generations due to their exceptional health benefits and culinary versatility. With their natural production and cultivation, these seeds embody the essence of traditional farming practices.

Also called Baajara in Hindi and known by various names across different Indian languages - Tamil: Thinai, Telugu: Kirra, Malayalam: Thinna, Kannada: Navane, Hindi: Kangni - this ancient grain has found its place in diverse culinary traditions.

Sourced directly from India, our Kangni seeds are produced using the best agricultural practices. We prioritize the use of natural cultivation methods, ensuring that our products remain unprocessed and maintain their innate nutritional value. To guarantee the highest quality, our seeds are carefully selected and packaged in food-grade pouches.

By choosing our Kangni seeds, you opt for a natural and sustainable way of cultivating your own food. Embrace the rich heritage of traditional farming while nourishing your body with wholesome goodness. Experience the satisfaction of knowing that you are consuming food products grown with the utmost care and respect for the environment.

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