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Unpolished Bahurupi Rice-Native-Desi Rice

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Farmers Unpolished Bahurupi Rice-Native-Desi Rice
Very special traditional aromatic South Indian rice, With a relatively low glycemic index of 50, it is a table rice that can be served every day.

Bahutupi is Desi rice variety, These are white, thin varieties. This rice is fat free and sodium free. It is low in calories, low in glucose content and helps in boosting the immune system. very good rice for daily use.

ప్రకృతి సిద్ధంగా పండించిన ఈ బియ్యంలో కొవ్వు రహిత మరియు సోడియం లేనివి.తక్కువ కేలరీలు కలిగి వుంటాయి,గ్లూకోజ్ పదార్థంలు తక్కువగా ఉంటాయి,రోగనిరోధకశక్తి పెరగడానికి తోడ్పడతాయి.

About Bahurupi Rice

Today we’ll explore Bahurupi Rice variety. So, as the name itself suggests this rice variety has a lot of different roles and benefits. It falls in the category of white rice variety. But still has many benefits, bahurupi Rice is rich in protien, fibers and calcium. With that it can also be considered as one of the best source of zinc and B complex.

Having one bowl of Bahurupi Rice is just like having one tablet of multi vitamin. In this age of pendamic, having a strong immune system is the most important thing. Strong immunity is all that you need in order to stay away from the deadly viruses. Hence, we need a daily dose of multi vitamins in any form.

And what can be a better way to consume multi vitamins than rice. Thus, rice being the most versatile food grain out there. One can have Bahurupi Rice in almost any way possible. Famous dishes like idli, dosa, ven pongal, khichadi, pulao, biryani, kheer and porridge can be made from this rice.

If we talk about the taste then this rice is not like the regular white rice that we eat daily, being different in texture it is  different in taste as well. Bahurupi Rice has a nutty and smoky taste which makes it very delicious and aromatic. Although it is wider in shape as compared to white rice. Hence,may take relatively more time to cook but the results are totally worth it.

History-Bahurupi Rice in India

Bahurupi Rice also has a very interesting link with the history of India. It is said that the emperor of Vijayanagara Empire, Sri Krishna Deva Raya ( who reigned there from 1509 to 1529), used to like this particular rice variety a lot.

Certainly, because of its endless health benefits. But with time, Bahurupi Rice lost its popularity and today it has become just another forbidden rice varieties which no body knows about. Even if you search it in the markets it’s most likely that you’ll not be able to find Bahurupi Rice.

But with the emerging online market where you can find each and every thing and get it delivered on you doorstep. You can easily avail Bahurupi Rice in a few clicks. But for that you may end up wasting a lot of time looking for a trustworthy website. So, here we are to provide you almost any rice varieties from the organic farms to your kitchen.

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