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Sesbania Seeds-Jeeluga Vithanalu-Dhaincha Beej

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Sesbania Seeds-Jeeluga Vithanalu-Dhaincha Beej. Also called as . Danchi, dunchi, dhaincha, canicha, prickly sesban, Shevari etc.

From Mana Velugu Vintage Farmers for cultivation as organic manure for soil improvement.

It is an annual shrub which can grow to seven metres in height but usually only reaches one to two metres. It sends out fibrous, pithy stems with long leaves and bears purple-spotted yellow flowers. It produces pods which contain light brown beans.

The plant has a great number of uses, including as green manure, rice straw, wood and fodder.

  • It can be used like industrial hemp for rope, fish nets, sackcloth and sailcloth. Its fibers are similar to those of birch trees and show promise as a source of paper fiber.
  • The foliage makes a good fodder for livestock and the beans can be fed to fowl. The plant has been also used as a famine food by people.
  • Natural gum from the plant is useful as a thickening agent.
  • Like other legumes, it can be planted to improve the soil via nitrogen fixation.
  • It makes a good firewood.

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Customer Reviews

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