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RNR-31479-Diafit Paddy Seeds-Sugarless

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RNR-31479-Diafit Paddy Seeds-Sugarless, Famous as Telangana Sona, cross breed from RNR 15048 & Jai Sri Ram For Brown Rice as well, also called as Telangana Sona Masoori.

The best super fine rice available for all ages For Sugar free rice.

  • Great for Madhumeham
  • Very light on Stomach
  • As it’s lengthy grain, it’s the Best suitable for Pulav and Biryani as well.

The study said, "The low-GI rice RNR can be a useful diet that helps in the reduction of glucose and elevation in plasma levels in patients with type-2 Madhumeham.

With a distinct flavour, higher protein composition, carbohydrates, energy, Vitamin B3, and with low glycemic index, the variety could be a preferred choice for the urban middle-class.

With a low glycemic index of 51.5 per cent as against the normal 56.5 per cent, it can be sold well to diabetic patients. But the ISB cautions against a campaign centred around diabetes. “A strong association with diabetics that may deter normal consumers from associating with it,” it warned.

RNR 31479 is a variety of paddy developed by agricultural research institutions in India. Here's some general information typically associated with paddy seed varieties:

  1. Duration: The duration from planting to harvesting for paddy varieties can vary depending on factors such as climate, soil conditions, and cultivation practices. Typically, paddy varieties have a growth period of around 90 to 135 days.

  2. Production: The production potential of paddy varieties like RNR 31479 can vary depending on various factors such as soil fertility, water availability, pest and disease management, and agricultural practices. High-yielding varieties are often preferred by farmers for their increased productivity.

  3. Cultivation: Paddy is typically cultivated in regions with high water availability, such as lowland areas or regions with access to irrigation facilities. It is sown in prepared fields either by direct seeding or transplanting seedlings from nurseries. Proper water management is crucial throughout the cultivation period, especially during the critical growth stages.

For specific and updated information about the RNR 31479 variety, I recommend reaching out to agricultural research institutions, agricultural extension services, or seed suppliers in your region. They can provide detailed information about the characteristics, performance, and cultivation practices associated with this particular paddy seed variety.

Telangana Sona is a climate-smart variety. It can save 2,000-4,000 million cubic feet (tmc) of water and ₹20 crore on pesticide use for every one lakh acres of land. It can replace the traditionally-grown long-duration rice varieties and is highly suitable for both kharif and rabi seasons.

It wants the players to use social media platforms to reach out to the young consumers.
The variety has been notified vide Indian Gazette Notification No.S.O. 2238 (E) dated 29.06.2016 and has been recommended for cultivation in the state of Telangana. However, due to wider adoptability and preferences, the variety is being cultivated in many other states viz., Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal etc. The said variety was also registered under Protection of Plant Variety & Farmers’ Rights Act of 2001 (A Statutory body created by an act of Parliament) bearing Registration No. 196 of 2018.
Telangana Sona (RNR) is ashort duration, blast resistant rice variety suitable for both kharif and rabi seasons. It has high (>67%) Head Rice Recovery even in rabi harvests, which is a major advantage to the farmers and millers. It became popular on account of its unique grain size and shape (short slender) besides cooking quality as evident from intermediate estimates of alkali spreading value, gel consistency and amylose.
RNR 15048 & 31479 has been classified under low glycemic index category with values of 51.5 (Umamaheshwari et al., 2015, Release proposals of RNR 15048 variety) and 51.72 (Prasanthi et al., 2019, American Journal of Food and Nutrition, 7(4):158-165).
Keeping in view of several advantages of this variety with respect to farmer (high yield, short duration, blast resistance), trader (high head rice recovery, very fine grain) and consumer (low glycemic index, good cooking quality, slenderness), the University has decided to popularize the benefits through branding fortotal value chain approach involving all the stake holders.

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