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Premium Quinoa-Kvinova, Vegan Stuff. Highly nutritious, Source of rich vitamins, longer shelf life, Natural ingredients, no side effects, Increase energy.

Quinoa seeds are considered as Superfoods. These are gaining lot of popularly for rich protein content and balanced nutrition profile. It is a highly nutritious crop containing more protein than most other plant foods. The Farmers Premium Quinoa Seeds are light, delicious, and easy to digest. They have a delicate taste that is almost nutty. These highly nutritious seeds add flavor to any recipe. Cook them like grains for an easy, gluten-free meal. Quinoa seeds also make a filling item to have during fasts. The best part about these low in calories and high in fiber seeds is that they help you watch your weight. 

Our Organic Quinoa Seeds are called mother of all grains for its nutritional properties and its ability to withstand against natural environment.

Product Type: Vintage Farmers Organic Quinoa

  • Ingredients: Whole Organic Quinoa Seeds for consumption not for cultivation.
  • Weight: Default Per Kg (500 Grams).

Millet Seeds and organic-white-quinoa from Mana Velugu Vintage Farmers.

The Premium Quinoa Seeds provide: 

  • Proteins: Required for Muscles 
  • Iron: Required for Hemoglobin formation 
  • Calcium: Required for bone formation 
  • Vitamin B complex: Required for energy production 
  • Magnesium: Required by the nervous system 
  • Zinc: Required for Immune Function 


  • Highly nutritious seeds 
  • Rich in protein and fiber 
  • Gluten-free 
  • Cooking is easy and similar to rice. 
  • Fast friendly seeds 
  • All age groups can consume.

 How To Eat: You can prepare a variety of recipes like Pulav, Kheer, Cutlets, Dosa, Idli, Chilla, Pancakes, Khaman, Smoothie, Halwa, Khichdi, Cake, Curd Quinoa, Upma and Salad. 

Consumption: It can be consumed by all age groups and can supply them with adequate nutrients. Per meal, young healthy adults and the elderly can consume 100-170gm of cooked quinoa. Children between 5-18 years of age can consume 50-80 gms of quinoa per meal cooked. 

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Customer Reviews

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