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Mysore Mallige Rice-Jasmine Rice-Karnataka

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Mysore Mallige-Jasmine Paddy-from Karnataka Origin or Malli Rice is an ancient desi variety rice, widely known as children rice as It helps to improve digestion, immunity and gives energy to growing kids. This also contains high fiber and fatty acids.

Rice is a staple food for the Telugu states. Likewise, paddy cultivation is on record. Consumers prefer softened rice for food. Many hybrids rice are available in the market as well. With domestic seeds for the last three years, Mysore Mallige rice has been cultivated using srivari method organically. This is a unique article on groundnut rice cultivation with high nutrients, high yields and low investment.

Oggu Siddulu, a native of Jangaon district, has been doing natural farming for three years. Originally cultivated BPT and Basmati rice, oggu Siddhulu gradually started cultivating Mysore Mallige rice using 50 varieties of domestic seeds. With all the consumers in the current market leaning towards fine rice, Oggu Siddhulu is cultivating the Mysore Mallige variety, which is one of the best in the country, which is usually practised in Karnataka. In this method, there is less water consumption, higher yields, and less investment. Thus, the farmer cultivates the Mysore Mallige variety under the Srivari system.

What precautions should be taken in cultivating this domestic rice paddy? Let us look at those details now.

These seeds are more resistant to pesticides compared to normal seeds. In this Mysore Mallige paddy, the farmer claims that after sowing, the bulbs come in high yield and yield well. In the Srivari method, mud is used for the prevention of pest infections on his farm while ploughing weeds called Mutpulya to strengthen the root system. Dairy cattle are instrumental in bringing about profits in agriculture. Desi cows, which are part of natural farming, serve as an additional source of income to farmers. The biomass and solid biomass for crop farms are used as fertilizer on the farm.

Marketing of crops grown in natural farming is a little difficult, but in the meantime, people have increased awareness. Farmers are going and buying. Farmer says that doing this would be beneficial to the farmers as well as there would be no damages if the natural crops were cultivated.