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Millet Rice - Unpolished and Organic

Millet Rice - Unpolished and Organic - Siri Dhanyalu:

Welcome to Mana Velugu Vintage Farmers, where we proudly present our diverse collection of Millet Rice and its byproducts. At, we offer a wide range of millets, millet flour, and millet seeds for cultivation, all designed to bring you the nutritional benefits and unique flavors of these ancient grains.

Millet Rice Collection:
Experience the wholesome goodness of our Millet Rice Collection. With a variety of millets carefully cultivated and harvested by our dedicated farmers, we bring you an assortment of rice options that are rich in fiber, nutrients, and distinct flavors. From the nutty aroma of Foxtail Millet Rice to the earthy notes of Barnyard Millet Rice, each grain promises a delightful and healthy addition to your meals. Discover the wonders of millet rice and elevate your culinary experience to new heights.

Millet Flour Collection:
Our Millet Flour Collection is a treasure trove of gluten-free alternatives that are both nutritious and versatile. Made from finely ground millets, these flours open up a world of possibilities for baking, cooking, and creating wholesome dishes. Whether you’re making rotis, bread, or delicious desserts, our millet flours—such as Finger Millet Flour, Pearl Millet Flour, or Sorghum Flour—offer a wholesome and flavorful twist to your recipes.

Millet Seeds for Cultivation Collection:
For those with a green thumb, our Millet Seeds for Cultivation Collection provides an opportunity to grow your own millets at home. Sourced from reliable and sustainable sources, our millet seeds ensure the highest quality for successful cultivation. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your farming journey, our millet seeds, such as Little Millet Seeds, Proso Millet Seeds, or Kodo Millet Seeds, empower you to embrace self-sufficiency and experience the joy of growing your own food.

At Mana Velugu Vintage Farmers, we prioritize your well-being and sustainability. Our millet products are sourced directly from local farmers who follow traditional and eco-friendly farming practices. By choosing our millet collection, you support not only your health but also the livelihoods of these dedicated farmers.

Explore our Millet Rice, Millet Flour, and Millet Seeds for Cultivation collections at Rediscover the nutritional power and culinary potential of millets while contributing to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.