Roasted Pod of Peanuts-2 Seeds of Groundnut Organic Pod – Vintage Farmers

Roasted Pod of Peanuts-2 Seeds of Groundnut Organic Pod

Mana Velugu - Vintage Farmers

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Natural inorganic Raw Pod of Peanuts-2 Seeds of Groundnut Organic Pod(Edible), from "Vintage Farmers" Brand "Mana Velugu".

groundnut - pod of the peanut vine containing usually 2 nuts or seeds; `groundnut' and `monkey nut' are British terms. goober, goober pea, monkey nut, earthnut, peanut. edible nut - a hard-shelled seed consisting of an edible kernel

The peanut, also known as the groundnut, goober, or monkey nut, Palli etc.

More Natural PODU Product:

This is a Vegetarian product. Also called as 'Palli' in Telugu, Peanut, Ground Nut, etc.
  • Can Be Roasted Or Boiled after soaking for 2-3 hours in summer and 3-4 in winter
  • Can Be Added to Any Food as an Indian BreakFast like Upma, Yellow Rice, Wamannam, etc.
  • Makes A Tasty Snack by simple frying by adding some oil, chilly powder & salt
  • Recommended for Kids for high energy with less quantity.
  • Children require additional nutrition in their growing years to lead a healthy life thereafter. Peanuts are a good source of dietary protein which are vital for growth and development.
  • Peanuts are rich in energy and contain health benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that are essential for optimum health.
  • Vacuum packed laminates to deliver optimal protection to the packed products and allows freshness and shelf life to last longer.

Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ): 2 Kg ( 2X1000 Grams)

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Manufactured & Marketed by Vintage Farmers under the brand name of "Mana Velugu", Mana Velugu Vintage Farmers, Village Baipalli, Akkupalli Post, Srikakulam District, AP, India - 532219
Best before 6 Months
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