Why Gone-Farmers ? – Vintage Farmers

Why Gone-Farmers ?

Our vision at Gone-Farmers is to produce and supply the best organic food grains and herbs for a bright and healthy society by adopting the most economic natural and organic farming methods in collaboration with the rural vintage farming communities. 

Our Mission

Healthy society is the need of the hour as diseases are spreading fast and eating away the country's economy and bringing down the GDP.

The root cause of this fatal issue is the contamination of food and water with the dangerous chemicals.

This can be addressed with natural and organic farming methods so that the poison can be cleaned from the grassroots level.

Gone-Farmers had experimented various farming methods and brought out the best economic natural farming model, which is chemical free and adds big value to the Nature. This is being practiced in their own farm land and spread to the farming communities.

Vintage Farmers MOTTO:

1) Work for healthy society
2) Uplift the daily lives of rural farming community
3) Practice and spread natural and organic farming methods
4) Bridge the gap between end consumer and farmer through an eCommerce platform and food processing units

This project is a social entrepreneurial venture because as NIRVAPATE is giving back to nature and catalyzing financial growth of rural areas.

NIRVAPATE is an integrated B2B and B2C agro-industry with various verticals such as production of organic fertilizers & pesticides, E-Commerce (to bring buyers and sellers together), exports & imports (Herbs and  Agro products), processing units and production of agro products.


The world must accept the fact that Health is Wealth.

Pollution is the enemy of the world and is challenging the existence of life on this Earth. The Earth is contaminated by chemicals thus most of the agricultural produce carries chemical signatures, which cause serious health problems to human beings.

Gone-Farmers supplies the best organic produce be it medicinal or food products, which are cultivated using the proven organic methods practiced at its own farms at the most competitive price. Gone-Farmers organic cultivation practices are fundamentally from country cow droppings and farm have grown fungi, friendly bacteria, and microorganisms. Gone-Farmers also encourages and helps farmers to adopt organic practices.

Gone-Farmers E-Commerce App links buyers and the certified farmers and wholesalers across the globe to facilitate direct transactions.

Gone-Farmers certifies the farmers by physical inspection and quality evaluation with the below parameters.

  1. Genuine – Farmers who are truly cultivating the produce
  2. Cultivation Practices – Farmers are classified into organic and inorganic based on the cultivation practices
  3. Rating – Farmers are rated based on the buyers’ feedback.


E-Commerce is the holy grail of retail. The entire world is our playground without geographical limitations. Business in a new era is a simple google search that would bring new customers to our door. Keeping one convenient location and giving a variety of options to choose online is the future of sales. This provides the lowest costs of advertising & marketing. Items can be quickly located without any travel cost. E-Commerce makes it feasible to compare merchants. E-Commerce has made it easy to provide deals, bargains, coupons and group buying.

There is no limitation to information Gone-Farmers can provide to customers or vendors. It doesn’t cost much to create and maintain the information. Communication of relevant information can be targeted to the specific community by incorporating registration forms, account creation, and logins.

E-Commerce websites can run all the time, round the clock. Buyers and vendors of niche products can locate each other. It is easier to understand customer behaviors and market to them accordingly. Our platform makes it easy to get reviews online through the product page. Our platform engages customers by keeping their needs as the primary focus of all our initiatives.

Gone-Farmers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy helps consumers find our business on Google and Bing. Creating blog posts and updating to entertain and educate the consumers about diverse topics related to what we sell and regularly publishing content on our E-Commerce website (https://www.GoneFarmers.com). Our email marketing campaigns gain customer loyalty. We execute our social media strategy to reach more potential customers like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

 Export & Import

Gone-Farmers Export & Import has developed into reliable vertical of high-quality medicinal & various agriculture products in India and aboard. The partners of the company have experience of more than 15 years in this field and are highly talented with high managerial skills. We at Gone-Farmers Export & Import work as a dedicated team to meet high standards & to fulfill customer needs which reflect in the growth of the company. Gone-Farmers has the expert manpower to execute quality control, packaging, shipment, transportation as per client requirements. Our goal is to supply our customers, fresh and superior quality agricultural products.

Our rigorous efforts have made the firm gain a major break-through in providing excellent quality products.

A blend of our optimum quality products at very reasonable prices impresses absolutely anybody. We believe in maintaining long-term healthy relationships with our esteemed customers by offering them unique quality products.

 We believe our customers need the finest product. Therefore, we endeavor to create and provide the best products to our customers.

A highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals form the backbone of Gone-Farmers Export & Import to ensure an unimpeded flow of goods and services in precision to the discerning buyer. Our honest and experienced team monitors and manages the operations continuously. This ensures that the company retains and excels further in building up its reputation.

What you can expect when buying from Gone-Farmers Exports

  • High-quality hulled products and that are ISO certified
  • High quality 7 step HACCP processes (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
  • Assured quality
  • Timely shipments
  • Customized and individual packaging
  • Competitive pricing
  • Understanding each customer’s specific needs

Products & Services

We offer fresh pickles, chutney masala powders and fruits to our clients that are grown and harvested in our own farms and the organic farms, which are inspected by our organic trained specialists.

 Pickles and Chutney Powders

Gone-Farmers in association with Native Flavors supplies authentic Andhra pickles which are home made in traditional way.

 Processed Fruits & Vegetables

We are located at Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. We have been able to get a large number of satisfied customers. At present, we are dealing in more than 15 different products from different fields. As an exporter, we have been able to achieve confidence of our buyers, by providing them the quality products at a reasonable rate. Our aim is not merely to get the turnover, but also to get total satisfaction of our customers. Of late, India is an emerging industrial nation producing almost all kind of goods at a reasonable rate and best quality.

 Medicinal Herbs

Offered by us is a range of medicinal herbs, which are natural and handpicked. The medicinal herbs produced by Gone-Farmers are widely appreciated for its high quality. The medicinal herbs are carefully grown, ancient and rare types of herbs.

  Spices and Pulses

Different climates in different parts of India produce a variety of spices that are grown across the Indian subcontinent. Spices are used in different forms - whole, chopped, ground, roasted, sauteed, fried and as garnish. Gone-Farmers Agro exports a wide range of agro commodities and whole spices such as fenu greek, coriander, fennel, cumin, black pepper, turmeric fingers, and ground turmeric, to name a few.


Processing Units

The success of Gone-Farmers medicinal plants and herbs as commercial crops are dependent on the efficient integration of the cultivation with its downstream processing and value addition until it reaches the ultimate consumer. Gone-Farmers and its associated farmer’s organic cultivation practices ensure quality raw herbs. The value chain to these raw herbs and plants comprises various components and stages such as semi-finished and finished products using different processing technologies and revenue could be generated from various stages or components.


Our Objectives being the gateway for medicinal plants

Promotion and development of appropriate research-based production and value adding technologies for successful agri-businesses.
  • To get the Organic Farming license by the 4th quarter of 2019 from FDI or European accreditation institutions.
  • To produce and market the medicinal plants like Stevia and Aloe Vera by the first quarter of 2019.
  • To provide assistance to our farmers' community by providing our technology and expertise to improve their livelihood.
  • Job creation in rural brings the farmer community into our e-commerce software (Back 2 Business) to buy and sell the product within India and eventually to other countries.
  • Set up millet units to process Stevia into sugar pallets/powder that further produce biscuits for all ages of humankind (free from diabetes).
  • Use efficient technologies and processes to increase the business value for shareholders.
  • Help local community farmers by sharing the information on what plants to grow, how to grow efficiently and ecologically for their long-term success.
  • Establish collaboration and partnerships with neighboring states on areas of mutual benefit.
  • Promotion of sustainable natural resource utilization and agricultural land use management.