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BPT 5204-Samba-Sona-Brown Paddy Seeds

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BPT 5204-Samba-Sona-Brown Paddy Seeds available in different sized bags. Technically BPT-5204 variety. BPT Rice Seeds, The most famous rice variety from Bapatla, AP. Ours is naturally produced foundation seed.

For Brown Rice , while processing in the mill, the care should be taken without polish and having only Husked Which is known to be unpolished rice.

BPT 5204 is a popular variety of paddy seeds that is widely cultivated in India. It is a medium-duration variety that takes around 130-140 days to mature. The seeds are resistant to bacterial blight and are known for their high yield potential.

According to a study conducted at Agricultural Research Station (Paddy), Sirsi during kharif 2004-05, the use of system of rice intensification (SRI) method of cultivation, application of FYM and RDF significantly increased the number of tillers in BPT-5204 variety.

Paddy looks normal in a golden color, Brown rice is whole-grain rice.
This is as compared with white rice when it is completely polished, which is the same grain, also with the hull removed, but also with the bran layer.

Red rice, gold rice, and black rice are all whole kinds of rice, but with differently pigmented outer layers.

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