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Virgin Coconut Oils-Cold Pressed


The company has commitment to high quality and good hygiene across every stage of production. It uses Hi- tech packing machines to ensure leak proof packaging and to increase the product shelf life.
To retain consistency, aroma (smells good),colour and its natural compounds like good fatty acids (MCFA, Lauric acids),vital nutrients,antioxidants, the company uses cold press (heatless) technology. And finally it brings to you a 100% natural and chemical free healthy virgin coconut oil with brand name VelviSh .

The company has other coconut products like desiccated coconut powder.
The company product capacity is 400Litres per day.
Benefits of our Virgin Coconut Milk extracted Oil:

  • Healthy Cooking: Virgin Coconut oil has a very high saturated fat content. In fact, about 87% of its fat is saturated. This makes it one of the best fats for high-heat cooking, including frying.

  • Healthy Heart: The fatty acids in Virgin coconut oil can encourage the body to burn fat, and they provide quick energy to the body and brain. They also raise HDL (good) cholesterol in the blood, which may help to reduce heart disease risk.

  • Baby Massage Oil: Virgin coconut oil is a great choice for baby massage for many reasons: The nourishing effect of coconut oil, due to its saturated fats, helps to prevent moisture escaping from the skin which helps keep your baby's skin supple.

  • Ideal Consumption: You can start your day with 1 tsp of coconut virgin oil with 5-6 drops of lime and 1 tsp of honey in 1 cup water or can simply have 1 tsp of raw virgin coconut oil on empty stomach.
  • Hair Oil: Virgin Coconut Oil helps prevent hair loss. Massaging your scalp with virgin coconut oil also improves blood circulation, which then activates your hair follicles. Activated follicles increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your hair, making it healthy and strong.

  • Weight Loss: Coconut Oil Can Help You Lose Weight. It can boost your metabolism. MCT oils like coconut oil can help you burn more calories in a day, which may aid with weight loss, according to research. Coconut oil keeps you full. It can blast belly fat.

  • Supports Thyroid Function: The MCFAs in extra virgin coconut oil are said to accelerate metabolism, which increases energy and stimulates thyroid function. It also contains lauric acid, which helps balance hormones naturally and increases estrogen levels, especially during menopause.
  • Improve Immunity: The cold-pressed virgin coconut oil contains a high concentration of immune-boosting medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs)”, says Sheryl Salis, R.D., C.D.E., consultant nutritionist.

  • Stabilize Blood Sugar: Extra virgin coconut oil can reduce hypoglycaemic attacks, hunger pangs and snacking during meals by contributing to stabilizing the glycaemic index. Adding coconut oil to your meals will contribute to maintaining a stable glycemic index.

About Company & Product Quality:

KONASEEMA AGRO PRODUCTS is located at ‘Konaseema’, East Godavari District, AP, where coconut Cultivation has a tremendous Potential.
The Place Konaseema is a Beautiful land of scenic green delta surrounded by the river Godavari and the Bay of Bengal. Hence it is rich in coconut trees.
To bring cost effective and natural Virgin Coconut Oil, the Company was pioneered by a young engineer with new technology and innovative thoughts in the year 2019.

Payment Terms: 
  • Shipping is free from 4 Kgs.
  • The quotation for bulk is valid for only 1 week.


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Other Information:

Manufactured & Marketed by Vintage Farmers under the brand name of "Mana Velugu", Mana Velugu Vintage Farmers, Village Baipalli, Akkupalli Post, Srikakulam District, AP, India - 532219
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