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Young Tamarind Smash-Chinta Kaaya Thokku

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Young Tamarind rind Smash-Chinta Kaaya Thokku Pachadi. 250 grams to 1 Kg Packs. Prepared from this seasonal crop of whole young tamarind. This may contain seeds as the whole tamarind is smashed with Turmeric powder and Natural sea salt crystals.
Traditionally known as chinthakaya Thokku(Green raw tamarind smashed with turmeric and raw sea salt) is a vintage food since generations.  Exclusive to few parts of Andhra Pradesh , It is made from raw tamarind procured from the trees during the season. Selection of the right tamarind is required  in the making of this as it shouldn’t be too tender or way too mature. After removing the ends the tamarind is ground into a paste along with salt and turmeric. This paste is left in jars to set in. Then it is taken out to be made into pickle upon our requirement .

You can make pickle upon your requirement and it’s Making of Chinthakaya pachadi is a very interesting process, delightful for the five senses as its aroma can be so tempting for the taste buds. Oil, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, red chilies, curry leaves and few other ingredients are used to make green raw tamarind pickle. Each ingredient and spices are carefully selected to get the desired taste. The ingredients are roasted on an optimum temperature and cooled before mixing with chinthakaya.

Now you can buy chinthakaya pickle online at your own convenience.

Tamarind or chinthakaya in Telugu has health benefits as it is a rich source of Vitamin C.  This vitamin is essential for the overall health at the same time boosts immunity that can save you.


Pachi chintakayalu, green chilies, turmeric powder, red chilies, rai, jeera, urad dal, chana dal, methi, hing, refined sunflower oil, curry leaves.

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