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Safflower Seeds-Kusuma Vithanalu

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Safflower Seeds-Kusuma Vithanalu for cultivation Also called as Kusumalu in Telugu, Kardi, Kusube etc. PBNS12 variety.

This is seed quality , can be used for sowing at outdoor, organic in nature and mostly used for safflower essential oil.

Germination takes place in about one to two weeks. Harvesting occurs about 20 weeks from planting.

Seeds and Sowing: 
The seed rate varies from 7 to 20 kg/ha depending on situation. 10-15 kg/ha is the normal seed rate In Chhattisgarh, 10-15 kg/ha seed rate and in Odisha 20 kg/ha seed rate is adopted in rice fallow areas. Normal spacing in safflower is 45x20 cm.

Which is recommended spacing of safflower?
Adopt a spacing of 45 cm between rows and 15 cm between plants. Select mature good quality seeds, free from pest damage and fungal attack. Treat with Carbendazim or Thiram at 4 g/kg of seed in a polythene bag and ensure a uniform coating of the fungicide over the seed. Treat the seeds 24 hours prior to sowing.

Safflower cooking oil is the edible version of pressed seeds of the plant. As a thick liquid, it's similar in composition to vegetable oil.

It's commonly used in cooking and medicine, though it may also be used on your skin.

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